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Structure of masks
2020-03-14 12:13:17
Although the mask looks like "one piece of cloth, two ropes", the production process is not simple. There are four main production links from petroleum to mask finished products: polypropylene, meltblown material, meltblown cloth, and masks, as if from "wheat" to "flour" to "noodles", and finally to "flower rolls".
Meltblown cloth is the filter layer in the middle of three-layer medical masks. It has good filterability, barrier properties, thermal insulation and adsorption properties, and is the "heart" of masks. Prior to the outbreak, domestic meltblown cloth demand was relatively stable, and the market size was not large. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the surge in mask production demand in the short term has stretched the supply of meltblown cloth, and the contradiction between supply and demand has caused the price of meltblown cloth on the market to be soared more than ten times, severely restricting downstream mask production.
Can downstream mask companies produce meltblown cloth by themselves? Some people in the industry have analyzed that compared with the mask production line, the equipment cost of the meltblown cloth production line is much higher, and it takes several months from order placement to installation and production. At that time, how the market demand is still uncertain, so Enterprises are not willing to invest.

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